We have been in the film industry since 1988.

SAG-AFTRA Head Wrangler, Ed Dabney provides experienced film industry horses and riders, modern and 18th and 19th century period correct equipment for English, Western, Cavalry, Native American, civilian and cowboy style; stunt doubles; riding instruction for actors; carriage drivers and period correct horse drawn wagons and carriages.  Based near Atlanta but will travel with horses. riders and equipment to any location. 

Motion Picture and Television Services

Dabney Film Horses can to be your "go to" resource for anything having to do with horses in film work!

No job is too small or too large.

If you want one horse to stand in the background or a large number of mounted riders, carriages and wagons all in the same scene, we can do it!

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Tys may be booked for appearances, demonstrations, film work and photo opportunities.

Tys, the Friesian is an 8 year old gelding who is well known for his beauty, his training and his eagerness to please. He has an amazing personality and is truly a pleasure to ride.

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